• A dignified final resting place for your pet

    Located in a beautiful park for you to walk through and remember your beloved family pet

Private burials

All domestic pets are buried in a landscaped 10 acre garden

Cremation service

Cremation of domestic pets in a dedicated pet crematorium located off-site

Private burials and cremation of domestic pets

Private burials and cremation of domestic pets

Owned and operated in Auckland, with development first starting in 1979. Dave Stephens began building the 10 acre park comprising of 10,000 trees,thousands of bulbs and garden features.

21 years ago the park was opened as the Pet's Garden of Remembrance creating a captivating garden for owners to go and remember their beloved pets.

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Auckland Pet Funerals FAQ

Why choose us?

We offer a unique service that is personalised for your particular needs. We ensure that you're treated with respect and kindess during your grieving process of losing a beloved family member.

Our 10 acre property is a stunning garden sanctuary with beautiful landscapes to shelter your lost loved one.

Since starting in 1994 they have over 1200 loved companions that have been laid to rest with owners being able to return to visit their treasured pets.

Can I visit anytime?

Yes! You may come vist your pets anytime as long as they are within reasonable hours.

Does it cost for me to come visit my pet in their final resting place?

No. You may come anytime you like and without any additional fees.

Do you do the cremation on site?

No. We take them to a dedicated pets crematorium located off-site.

Do you do farm animals?

At this stage we are only doing small pets, cats and dogs.

Auckland Pet Funerals FAQ

Auckland Pet Funerals

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When you have a pet buried here you are welcome to visit at any reasonable hour on any day of the week. 
For an inspection please contact us on our information above to determine a time.

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