Burial of all domestic pets in a wonderful 10acre park. ......F.A.Q.

My dog has died, what do I do?

Tuck your pet up and wrap in suitable cloth (towel or blanket). Contact us and we will discuss options and timing.

What is the best way to carry and move my dog that has died?

With small pets it is best to lay them onto a towel or blanket and wrap them up as snuggly and tidily as possible including tucking in their legs. This makes it easier to carry them. For larger dogs I recommend laying two blankets down, wrap your dog in the top blanket and use the bottom one to easily lift your dog into your vehicle.

My cat has died, how much time do I have before I must bury him?

This depends on many things as temperature and cause of death have a big bearing on timing. Sometimes it is better to attend to the matter straight away, but there are many occasions when 24 hours or more is quite suitable and allows the owner time to cope with their loss before the burial occurs. Keeping the body cool will extend the time in all of these situations.

One of my 2 pets has died, should I let the other one inspect the body before burial?

Animals know very well what death is and it is bettter for them to understand that their companion is dead rather than 'just gone missing'. Allow the living pet to inspect the body. Reactions vary and I am happy to discuss that with you.

Can I bury any pet?

We attend the burial of all domestic pets including even the largest breeds of dogs. All of the graves are dug by hand. Unfortunately we are unable to assist with the burial of horses.