For many people, the time spent with a dependent, loyal pet may be more significant than the people in their life.

Nov 2017

Thank you Dave Yes! I am now feeling much better especially knowing he is at a place that is well looked after and loved. Your remembrance park project is incredible beyond words. Just visiting there gives me so much peace and a chance to connect with Oreo. Thank You once again for a special place for Oreo

1 October 2017

Hi Dave and Jackie,

Just wanted to thank you so much for Your support and for looking after Rolo's resting place and for all your hard work in making the memorial park such an amaZing place. We feel very fortunate to have found you and truly admire your passion and inspiration for the park. Best wishes

Donna and Trevor

October 2017

Just want to say thank you for the amazingly gracious and kind service you offered us when we suddenly lost our fur baby, Tilly, in the weekend.Your professionalism, warm-heartedness and easy communication made our grieving process so much easier. I would like to say I hope we don't have to see you again in the near future but should the need arise, I would definitely come back to Auckland Pet Funerals again and recommend you to friends. Thank you again. Kind regards, Sam and Ramon.

August 2017

You're right about those moments occurring: Going back to my housebus to have lunch, and she's not there...Cleaning up her poos for the last time... (funny what can send you into tears!) Parking the housebus somewhere and expecting her to react as she normally does, but her spot is empty... Or even moments ago, looking at her spot on the couch to see if she's ok, having momentarily forgotten that she's gone...

Even though I could see it coming, her loss still feels so sudden. I wish I'd had more time with her. I wasn't really prepared. The permanence of her loss is hitting me today.' Thank you for letting me bury my little sweetheart in your garden of remembrance.


August 2017

You do such a great thing in your work. If it wasn't for you I would have had nowhere decent to bury him except for in my family home which I know has to be sold for my Dad to go into a home. I got Sam Bungledog with Mum straight after I finished chemotherapy 12.5 years ago for ovarian cancer so he is incredibly special and probably one of reasons why I am still here today. So, now I know, I can see Bunglebear any time I want and I am so grateful for that, and just how beautiful a place it is. Sam would have loved it in life and will now too. Couldn't have picked a more perfect place or how you went about it all and all the encouraging things you said.

Isabel & Stuart

17 October 2016

A year has gone by since our wonderful chocolate Labrador, Rolo, passed away. He has left such a huge gap in our lives after nearly 14 years, but the fact that he is resting in the beautiful Remembrance Park, created and maintained by Dave and Jackie, is such a comfort to us. Over the year I have visited on numerous occasions and at first, it was almost every day, to help with my grief. I have always been welcomed by Jackie and Dave and they have been so caring and kind.

I would truly recommend this Remembrance Park to anyone who wants their beloved pet to have a beautiful, peaceful resting place and the opportunity to visit, and immerse themselves in the peaceful and beautiful environment when they feel the need.

June 2016

June 2016

Thank you, so very much I appreciate all you help you have given to our beautiful animals. We are so blessed to know our loved babies are peacefully asleep. Bless you guys heaps. You really don't know how grateful we really are.

Many thanks

Steph and Whanau

Jan 2016

Thank you for taking the time to see us on Friday, and tell us a little bit about your beautiful property. The environment at Eirever exceeded our expectations. We will be back to visit Ruby at some point in the near future.

Best regards to you and Jackie.

Tim & Cheryl.

March 2016

Many thanks for taking care of our beloved pet Tinkerbell and your kind words. Many thanks for your great service.

Best regards Jane and family.

March 2016

Ka mihi atu Kia koe Dave. Thanks so much for your help and excellent service. We had Kihi for 16 yrs and she deserved a special send off. You made that possible. Kind regards Alan

Nov 2015

We wanted a permanent resting place for our beloved Labrador, Rolo, who had been part of the family for nearly 14 years. We are so fortunate to have found Eirever, which is a beautiful, serene and peaceful park; full of native bush, shrubs and flowers, which Dave and Jackie have created over the years and now devote their time to maintaining and enhancing.We selected Rolo's resting place from the 10 acres of park and the burial was quiet and peaceful and totally private. Visiting Rolo's beautiful resting place regularly has been a comfort and has helped with our grief. Dave and Jackie are wonderful kind and caring guardians for our dear Rolo and many more beloved pets who are resting at peace there.

20th August 2015

My beautiful baby left me to be with God on December 20th 2014. As I was in much grieve my sister arranged the burial with this wonderful people. Dave and his wife has a lot of courage to say good byes to so many pets, i can see the love they have for them, they have a very big heart to be able to do such a beautiful blessed thing. Surely God helps them and I will continue to pray that they will continue to do this wonderful work. They were very helpful on the day which I will never forget it was raining. I have Roxy spirit with me at all times and I know her body is in the safe and friendly place till we reunite again. It gives me much peace to know that I chose Auckland Pet Funeral for Roxy where she is Resting in Peace. Thank you so much

13th May 2014

Dave & Jackie we have known for 5 years since we buried our precious Nacho in 2009 & Taco 2011. It was a very difficult time, still at times the feeling of loss is still pressing on the mind but once you see this place its so uplifting that you know your little precious is in such a beautiful place. This is truly magical, we have lovely spot where we visit mostly every weekend and a bonus for our other 6 Chihuahuas to enjoy. The views are just stunning and just walking through this property is heavenly! Dave & Jackie are just one of the most likable people, very understanding and consoling at a time of loss. Dave & Jackie I thank you! God Bless you for letting us share a piece of your home for our loved ones.

6th June 2014

We just lost our beloved Harry a few days ago and it was Dave who answered the phone when I called that night. I felt so relieved that I was able to actually talk to someone about it right then and there, and his understanding of the pain we were going through and experience of similar loss just made it that much easier for us to pull ourselves through the initial shock of it all. Choosing to have Harry cremated, Dave explained the cremation process with such care and sensitivity that we felt that our beautiful boy was getting the respectful send off he so rightly deserved and it only took a few days before we had Harry back with us. I cant thank you enough honestly.

May 2014

Dear Dave and Jackie Thank you for your wonderful service.We are all happy we chose your place to keep Cherry at rest. Keep up the wonderful work you do so willingness and lovingly for so many pets and their owners.It means alot to know that our pet was given the best, beautiful place to lay at rest and that we can visit. Thank you both again Kind Regards Serena, Charis, Brindley.

13th May 2014

We were lucky to find Eirever when we were desperately looking for a permanent resting place for our beautiful boy Romeo. I called and dealt with Jackie as Dave was away. Jackie had all the wonderful qualities of a person who deals with people like myself who are distraught and grieving. She was informative and accommodating to our needs. Everything was ready for us when we arrived so we could bury our boy. The grounds of Eirever are peaceful and beautiful. We came away from there feeling grateful that we had somewhere so nice to leave him. One thing that really stood out was how they don't make you feel strange because it is "just a dog" that died, like some others do, who do not understand how much they become a part of your life and family. They are animal lovers too and it shows. A heartfelt Thank You Jackie & Dave, for making an extremely difficult day just a little bit easier for our family.

16th February 2014

Eirever is a beautiful and peaceful setting, the perfect final resting place for our beloved cat Chani. Dave made the process easy and throughout was sensitive to our needs. We have been back to visit Chani's grave and will continue to return. We couldn't recommend Eirever more highly. Thank you Dave and Jackie for providing such such a special place.

9th November 2013

I used Auckland Pet Funerals in Albany because they genuinely did care about my loss and my requirements for my deceased friend. The owners were were compassionate and caring and the grounds are totally beautiful. Fiona.

11th August 2013

Eirever is a beautiful and peaceful setting, the perfect final resting place for our beloved cat Chani. Dave made the process easy and throughout was sensitive to our needs. We have been back to visit Chani's grave and will continue to return. We couldn't recommend Eirever more highly. Thank you Dave and Jackie for providing such such a special place.

22nd January 2013

Thank you both so much for all your help today. This has been a horrible week for our family and from our initial conversation where you outlined our options you made the process a lot easier to cope with. Your beautiful property is the ideal resting place for our precious Geoff and I can't recommend you and your service enough. Thank you for everything.

15th October 2012

I cant think of a better place or with better people to leave my little Sammy's body together with his pet teddy Polly. I will carry his memory with me forever but knowing his remains are in this beautiful park and cared for by Dave and Jackie has eased the pain of losing my bestest friend. R.I.P. Sammy 22 August 2002 / 14 October 2012

27th September 2012

Dave once again came to our aid when we lost out latest furry mate 'Kipper'. Dave was so amazing when the time to say good bye to our other fatkat 'Bob' a few years ago - I can't imagine anyone else helping us say our farewells. Thanks again Dave - you're compassion and kindness is always a treasure to us. Rosmary and family

12th July 2012

When we had to bury our beloved basset hound Caspar, this was the only place within Auckland we could find, that does burials as we were looking for a permanent location where we could visit him . Dave was kind and respectful and this made the whole process a lot easier. They also helped us with a bit of car troubles the second time we visited. We are so thankful that Caspar is in such a serene and calm resting place, and highly recommend EIREVER.

16th May 2012

Our 7 year old dog Rosie was buried at the Garden of Rememberance this morning. We were in two minds whether to take our young children (ages 4 and 2) along as we did not know if it would add to the trauma or help with the loss. I am so glad we did. When we arrived Dave showed us to the plot he had ready for her and was so respectful of our feelings making the whole thing so much easier to deal with. He laid out a 'soft bed' for her first and then gently put her in. We buried her in a soft cloth that he adjusted to cover her face before asking if we wanted to help to fill in the hole. We were made to feel so welcome and comfortable to return to visit her at any time. The children have been so much calmer since this afternoon and although of course we all miss her very much we know her resting place is a peaceful beautiful place which makes our loss that little bit easier to deal with.

20th December 2010

We have 2 pets buried at Eirever, and we try to visit at least once a week. The place is an awesome location for pets to rest, and even more comforting for those visiting. The work that Dave and Jackie do is fantastic. They are such nice people and made the grieving process easier. I highly recommend Eirever.

9th August 2010

Dave made the task of working out what to do with the remains of my 20yo cat so easy and painless. He was great to chat to and so helpful. The property is gorgeous and so well kept. Keli was returned to me in a lovely (spill proof) wooden box with her name on it, and two nice poems. I highly recommend Auckland Pet Funerals and will be using them again in the future

5th May 2010

I had to unexpectedly put our beloved cat down and was so relieved that Dave & Jackie could help me that very day. We laid our beloved Osca to rest at their beautiful park, and I have peace knowing that he has a quiet place to rest, undistrubed for eternity. I cannot recommend their service enough. For those wondering if a burial is the right thing - I can only speak from my experience, that thinking of their beautiful gardens, and putting a beloved pet to rest there is is a wonderful memory to have.

21st April 2010

It was a relief to find EIREVER when our small furry family member and friend of 14 years Mickey passed away after a short illness. He has passed from this life and lives on in our hearts and memories, and so it is that while he now lays in the beautiful remembrance gardens in Albany we can visit at any time and tend to his final resting place, finding for ourselves relief and settlement. The permanence that EIREVER offers was better for us than to have him interred at home when we might have to relive the pain of his passing should we ever move.

4th March 2010

Dave made what was a very sad event as painless as possible, and the gardens themselves are magnificent. The whole area is peaceful with beautiful plants and whimsical artwork - exactly the sort of place my critters would have loved to play in. Dave and Jackie are doing the community a huge service, in the most graceful way imaginable.

5th July 2009

EIREVER is such a beautiful and serene resting place for our beloved chihuahuas Chloe and Bazil when they made their final transition and flew up to doggie heaven. Our animals are such special a part of our lives and we love them so much- we like to think that they are now carefree, flickering and happily running around in this beautiful place. It really is such a special, sacred place. Dave & Jackie have bought a little light into our sadness, lifted our hearts and created a very special memorial and place for our much loved friends- thank you so much. Warm wishes Sam & Lucy :-)

5th July 2009

our shar pei, Bella, passed away suddenly and it was difficult for my family to accept the loss... though she's left her physically, we hope that she would be able to find happiness and joy in the afterlife and it gives us great peace of mind to be able to bury her at EIREVER... we know that she'll be happy chasing ducks at the pond, running across the field and doing all the other silly things dogs do that make my family chuckle and laugh at her antics.... we are touched by Dave and Jackie's dream and the development of EIREVER which allows us to grieve for Bella as we would any normal being, as to us, she is not merely a dog, but our daughter, sister and much loved friend.... our most heartfelt thanks to Dave and Jackie for their kind understanding and EIREVER - a place where we are able to gain closure when we lose a beloved family member.... to Dave and Jackie, may God bless you two cos you have been our angels in our moments of great sorrow and despondence

9th March 2009

I have 2 pets buried there, and Dave & Jackie have created an incredibly awesome place for us to reflect on our fond memories. The gardens are beautiful and the place is ever so serene.